Without Faith

Faith is the assurance of the things you’re hoping for
Faith is when you act upon the facts you can’t ignore.
Faith is when you wait upon the future that’s in store
Faith is when you pray because you’re in a holy war.


And without faith it is impossible
To please our God who set us free
And those who say that they love Jesus
Must live and follow faithfully

Faith is when you stand against the fears that are within;
Faith is when you’ve fallen down but rise to stand again;
Faith is when you boldly stand beside a fallen friend;
Faith is when you stand alone while others choose to sin.


Faith is when you’re watching for the coming of the King;
Faith is when you lose your grip on all your worldly things;
Faith is when you’re not afraid of what tomorrow brings;
Faith is when you feel depressed but still you choose to sing.


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