Reyner Invitational Finals

So … one of these two guys ended up as the eventual champion this year. Here’s how things unfolded in our two round final. To recap: Going into the final day the 2 round score stood at Chad 7, Shay 6, Tucker 5, Scott 2.

Our first round today was played at the Cornwallis course. Things got very interesting as that round came to an end. It was won by Tucker with -2, Shay finished 2nd at -1, Scott 3rd at even and Chad 4th at +2. So total scoring after 3 rounds then put things like this: Tucker and Shay tied with 9 points, Chad with 8, and Scott with 4. We took a quick break at Bojangles and then headed out to Valley Springs for the final.

The round stayed pretty even through the first 9 holes and then things began to separate.  At the end of 18 Chad had won the round, Tucker 2nd, Shay 3rd, and Scott 4th. So total points after our four rounds ended with Chad and Tucker tied at 12 points. They then went to a 4 hole playoff. Still tied after 1 hole. Chad up one after 2. Tied again after 3. Both guys had good tee shots with a chance at birdie on #4. Tucker missed his putt. Chad made his putt and we crowned a new champion.

It was great fun to hang together and play together and all the snow made for some memorable golf. Already looking forward to next year when I will have a chance to claim the crown.

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