More Lessons Learned

Yesterday I posted some of the lessons that I am learning. Here are a few more:
A better understanding of and compassion towards pain and suffering– I am the first to admit that I have lived an incredibly blessed life. There has been minimal pain and suffering that me or my family has had to deal with. The occasional medical issue and some family deaths but nothing that I would consider chronic or tragic respectively. My general mantras have been “it’s a great day to be alive” and “life is good”! Both still true. But now I see through different colored glasses. I’m hoping this whole ordeal will be used by God to make me more compassionate as others endure personal pain and suffering as well as a better pastor and preacher as I better understand what people are going through physically and emotionally.

An appreciation for notes and prayers – It really meant a lot to us as people read about our accident when they responded with a short note of encouragement or a reminder that they were praying for us. I have not been very good at this, but seeing how much it meant to me I hope to do a beter job in the future. For those of you who took the time to comment or let us know that you were praying – thank you very much for lifting us up when we were in such a time of need.

The desperate need for prayer for those serving overseas – We are in a spiritual battle. I know that. But it has been more of a mental assent than something I have experienced first hand. No longer the case. I felt the unseen hand of the forces of darkness attempt to drag us toward death and destruction. And we were only there for a day. One of the last things that the prophet Samuel said to the people of Israel was “Far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you.” A different context to be sure, but the sentiment is the same. It behooves me and it behooves us as a church to pray hard and to pray with passionate desperation for those who are serving in the dark places around the globe. For Christy and Chad and Amy and their team, for Jason and Charity and the Holloways, for Tyler and Erin Boone, for Craig and Charity Phelps, for Roger and Vicki Grossman, for Andrea and Jim Zvara, and for other friends who are seeking to advance the gospel where the gospel has no root – please pray! They need it more than I have ever understood. And let them know that you are holding the ropes for them.

I’m just sayin’!

6 thoughts on “More Lessons Learned

  1. Shay, I really can’t find the right words to say thank you for the taking ‘the accident” and teaching us from it. You all could have turned inward with this but instead you’ve opened yourselves and this story to us so we could use the lessons in our lives. If you ever need a tissue for your tears — you can count on me though I mostly use my sleeve. Will keep up the daily prayers for healing and His usage of this.

  2. Shay and Linda, you will never in a million years know the depth of love and gratitude that I have for you both. Linda, I have participated in many Bible studies that you have graciously led, but the one that really sticks close to heart and mind is the TW Hunt study on Prayer Life. I have used that in my prayer time, praying specifically for God’s healing of specific areas of your bodies. How HE uses those areas or our bodies in ministry to others. Shay, well, as a pastor, friend, and brother in Christ, you are undoubtedly the one who has touched my life more through your teachings. When I’m at church, I’m learning…when I’m elsewhere, I’m pondering and applying. Thank you both for being the servants and examples that you are. You are sooooo loved and I’m continuing to pray for you and your healing. Blessings, my friends!

  3. Thank you for your honesty and for calling all to greater prayer for those on the front lines. We continue to pray for all of you…especially Linda’s recovery. Burwell appreciates you so much, Shay!

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