Pondering and Praying for 2012

So, for all of you hung with me through 2011 and pondered all the passages with me – here is my plan for 2012. It is two-fold and I invite you to be a part of however much you are so inclined to join me on.

1) Pondering – I had a great time last year pondering great passages of the New Testament. For this year my plan is to ponder my way through the book of Ephesians. As I have mapped it out it looks like it will take pretty much the whole year to do this. Some weeks we will look at just 1-2 verses and some weeks we will look at as many as 5-6 verses. This is a very rich book that is FULL of both deep theology and great practical application. I’m very much looking forward to mining it for all it’s worth. I will also include a Scripture memory part of the pondering with the hope of memorizing several chapters before the end of the year. If you are new to this and want to join me on the adventure then you might check out my post from last year on “How to Ponder a Passage”.

I will post my pondering thoughts on Friday mornings (last year it was Thursdays). My first post will be next Friday, January 20. Between now and then the assignment is this: Read through the book of Ephesians in one sitting (to get a feel for the book as a whole) and then ponder Ephesians 1:1 and begin memorizing it.

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2) Praying – I am adding a prayer component this year mostly because I need to learn how to pray effectively. Each week I will post a quote or paragraph from someone who is mentoring me in prayer – usually an author or pastor. Often it may be no more than this but sometimes I may comment on the quote with a few thoughts. Hopefully the encouragement I receive from these pray-ers will spur me to a deeper walk with God as I learn to better communicate with Him. My plan is to post these on Wednesdays – the first one should show up this Wednesday, January 11. Maybe they will be an encouragement to you as well.

This much I know – 2012 has the potential to be a year wrought with the miraculous as His Spirit is unleashed to work in ways that I have not allowed Him to in the past. Pray for me that I will be teachable and hungry as I ponder and pray.

I’m just sayin’!

8 thoughts on “Pondering and Praying for 2012

  1. Hi Shay,
    God is SO GOOD!
    As a linear sequential thinker, I love studying a whole book from beginning to end. My mentor is Chuck Missler from Calvary Chapel Church. He has allowed me to begin with Genesis and work my way thru Revelation. And now both you and Dr. Marc are walking thru two of my favorite books — Ephesians and Luke. I won’t miss one post/sermon!
    Yes, God is SO GOOD! And prayer is answered — once again!
    Prayers continue for you, Linda and Christy — both physically and emotionally. The boys too!

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