Pop Pop Epistle #87 – About Faith That Jesus Marvels At

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Dear Grandkids,

Lately I have been pondering my way through the Gospel of Matthew. I came across two verses this week that got me to thinking.

On Tuesday, I read in 7:28 about how the crowds of people that Jesus had been talking to were “astonished at His teaching.” Then on Thursday, I read in 8:10 that Jesus marveled at the faith of the Centurion who wanted Him to heal his servant.

It is not unusual to read in the gospels about people being amazed at Jesus, or astonished, or marveling at things He says or does. But I can only find two times where Scripture tells us about Jesus being amazed or astonished or marveling at something.

Matthew 8:10 records one of those times: “When Jesus heard (what the Centurion said), He marveled and said to those who followed Him, “Truly, I tell you, with no one in Israel have I found such faith.””

The other time is in Mark 6:6. Jesus was in His hometown of Nazareth. And even though people were astonished at His teaching (v.2), there was a surprising lack of faith – such that He could do very little healing among the people. Verse 6 says, “And He marveled because of their unbelief.”

So this got me to thinking. Would Jesus marvel at MY faith or would He marvel at my LACK of faith?

That question led me to ponder a few other questions which are very humbling when I consider my life as a believer. I will leave them here for you to consider as well as you grow up and seek to live a life that pleases the Lord.

  • What, if anything, do I do in my life that requires faith?
  • What prayers am I praying that are driven by faith?
  • Am I seeing prayers being answered as a result of my faith?
  • Does the way that I spend money indicate a life of faith or a lack of faith?
  • Is my money being used to fund faith ventures on behalf of the kingdom?
  • Would others describe me as a man of authentic faith?

My hope is certainly that Jesus would marvel at my faith and not at my lack of faith. And my hope is that He will do the same for you!

Never forget that you are very loved!

Pop Pop

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