Pop Pop Epistle #88 – About The Christmas Pig and a $2 Bill

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Dear Grandkids,

It’s been fun spending time with all you guys over these Christmas holidays. And I also enjoyed introducing you to the Christmas Pig. You did a great job of finding him whenever he was playing hide and seek and seemed to really like it whenever he snorted his little piggy grunts at you when you gave him a little squeeze.

IMG_3194Just a reminder about that last game of hide and seek that we played. The deal was that if anyone of you found him that I would give ALL of you a prize. And after looking high and low Grayson seemed especially excited to find his secret hiding place. Upon which I gave each of you a $2 bill with these remarks. Put the bill somewhere where you will see it everyday – a bulletin board, a mirror in the bathroom, etc. And every time that you see it be reminded that Nona and I are praying for you often. I have put my $2 bill on the mirror in my bathroom as a reminder to myself.

My last instruction was this: Bring the $2 bill back to me next Christmas and I will redeem it for a lot more than it is worth. Ask your parents what it means to redeem something and get them to tell you their “redemption” story.

Never forget that you are very loved!

Pop Pop

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