Stuff and Such 21.6



Birthday Parties – Christy and Chad and the boys stayed with us Friday night and we celebrated her 35th birthday with her favorite (and my favorite) cake. And then on Saturday we were at Scott and Mary’s house in Raleigh to celebrate Haddon’s first birthday with all the grandkids.

The Honeysuckle at Lakewood – Linda and I tried a new restaurant that we really enjoyed. The Honeysuckle had great food. We got a burger and a brisket sandwich that were both fabulous. But what I really like is that they opened in an area of town that is NOT economically vibrant. Their presence will hopefully attract other businesses and stimulate the economy of the Lakewood area.

A Downtown Walk – On Sunday afternoon, 12 of our friends plus us (I wish I had remembered to take a picture) met up at The Farmer’s Market parking lot and spent 2 hours walking around downtown. It was a great way to get some steps in as we trekked to Duke’s East campus. Went by Brightleaf. Down Main St. Over to American Tobacco. Past the Durham Bulls Ballpark and DPAC. Up to The Parlour for ice cream and then back down to The Farmer’s Market area. It has been awesome to watch how downtown Durham has been transformed since we moved to town 27 years ago. Lots of great restaurants, hotels, and family fun destinations.




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  1. Guess what Shay? Haddon and I share the same birth DATE – and I’m only 75 years older😊p

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