Brick #81 – Hebrews 9


The tabernacle of Moses was the temporary place of worship that the Israelites built according to God’s specifications while wandering the desert and used until King Solomon built a temple. It was designed to provide a graphic picture for God’s people of what relationship to Him entailed. In this brick I want to use that picture to help you to evaluate where you are in your relationship to God and then to encourage you to take the next step toward drawing nearer to Him.

The first picture below gives an arial view of what the tabernacle might have looked like. The second picture gives a more detailed view of what was included inside the tabernacle.

Each of the things mentioned in the diagram above prompt a question that you might ask yourself.

The Entrance: There is only one way to get inside. Just as there is only one way to come into a relationship with God. Jesus. Which side of the gate are you on?

The Courtyard

The Altar of Burnt Offering – This is where anyone could come and bring their sacrificial offering and have their sins forgiven. Have you offered yourself to God as a living sacrifice and experienced the forgiveness of your sins?

The Bronze Basin – This is where the priest would go cleanse themselves before entering the Holy Place. As believers we are all now priests before the living God. The water from the Basin for the believer represents baptism. Having had your sins forgiven have you been baptized?

The Holy Place

The Golden Lampstand – Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World”. And to His followers He said, “You are the light of the world.” Having had your sins forgiven and having been baptized are you a light in the darkness of this world representing Jesus in a way that draws attention to Him and not yourself?

The Table of Bread – Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life.” Are you being nourished daily by the bread that is available to us through the Word God?

The Altar of Incense – The incense was a special blend that was very pleasing to God. In Scripture incense represents the prayers of God’s people. Do you delight in coming to God in prayer and do you work at making your prayers a delight to the ears of God? 

The Curtain – Very few people ever went behind the curtain. Not just any priest but only the High Priest was allowed to do this. But because the curtain was torn down the middle upon the death of Christ, ALL believers have access to the Most Holy Place, aka The Holy of Holies. And yet many believers are content to stay on this side of the curtain. They are content to read the Word and say their prayers and live a forgiven life but they are not willing to draw near to the glory of God and experience Him in a way that most people do not. What is keeping you from enjoying a relationship with God that most people will never have the courage to experience?

The Most Holy Place

The Arc of the Covenant – The Arc of the Covenant represented the very presence of God. To be in the Holy of Holies was not to just know a lot about God but to know God. When the saints of God encountered Him they found themselves face down in His presence because His glory was so magnificent. They found themselves in absolute awe declaring “Holy, Holy, Holy.” They found themselves undone by their sinful nature as God’s holiness revealed every little imperfection. They found themselves declaring the greatness of His Name and praising His mighty works. They found themselves emboldened to go out into the world and testify to all that they had seen and heard. Is this anywhere close to your experience with God?

So…. Where are you? Outside the gate? In the courtyard? In the Holy Place? In the Most Holy Place. Figure out where you are and then where you want to be. What steps do you need to take to move closer to God?

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